Thursday, April 11, 2013

Voting for a Flag...

Last week Max got to be a part of his classroom vote to choose a name for their mini-society.  This week, he got to vote on the class flag.  When we signed in on Monday, his teacher let us know about the flags, and Max wanted to make one, so we made one while they were at lunch.

I asked Max what colors he wanted, and what shapes.  He told me EVERY color, and CIRCLES.

We worked on it.  He told me the numbers that made up 28, 2 and 8, since the society name had to be on the flag, and he made 28 circles, representing them all.

Max held onto his special crayon holder, and guided me with his circles.  Then we smeared the circles with his fingers.

He was happy with it, and told me he was all done...


I asked him what he thought of it, and this is what he said.

"...Mom you like my idea...together work..."

I told him I did like his idea and working together on it.

When it was time for his class to vote, they voted per table since they had so many.  Max voted on his friends' flags, then they got to his.  Since his met all the rules for the class flag, his tablemates got to vote on his and two others.  It ended up they all voted for their own, and the two classmates who didn't have a flag at their table cast the deciding votes.  Max's flag won for their table!

He got to vote on all of the flags that made it to the final round.  He voted for his for first place...and second place...and his classmate got third place by Max's standards.  It turns out, he was in the top 3, but the one he gave his "3rd place" vote to was the final winner.

Max's couldn't vote with the class because he had music therapy at the time they were voting, so he did a mail-in ballot.  His class is learning so much about the electoral process, and what it takes to make up a society.

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Elizabeth said...

Max looks very distinguished in that photo!