Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Max's equipment list...

The other night at dinner with the SuperMom's...we were talking about our kiddo's different equipment. I have put a list together of his equipment, seating, bed, wheels.

We get all of our equipment through United Seating. If I don't point it out specifically, insurance and medicaid paid for most of the big stuff. But, he's about to outgrow most of this, so we're going to be making some new purchases soon!

This list is for the moms I know, but also those who read here that might be curious as to what Max gets around in.

This is Max's jogger:

It has this insert:


And this is his old highchair/carseat/floorseat/wheelchair.
Max playing with his toys

This is his wedge position system. I got this for free from a parent on the
Positioning system

His chill-out chair: This was provided by Variety of Colorado.

His bath-chair, I saw one of these recently on craigslist for $40:

His stander:
Tall guy

Quickie Zippie TS


His lift: not this exact model...but similar. I found this on Craigslist for $100:
Hoyer Lift
Max in his hoyer lift

The sling for the lift:

Max's bed: Full Size, from my favorite store, IKEA! It's very low to the ground, so perfect for our rolling guy. We have wedges under the top of the mattress for a slight incline.

(His is the one with the green cover)
Max moved in.

His bike trailer/stroller: We bought this online, and our Community Center Board reimbursed us.

His indoor swing, again from IKEA: I bought it at IKEA for $19
Max's new swing

This is the swing stand, got it on Craigslist for $25:
Indoor/Outdoor swing stand

The headrest for when he's sleeping in the car:
Max's new headrest

His carseat: Free from a parent on


Lauren said...

Wow, Max! What cool stuff you have! And that bike trailer/stroller actually has a little room for you to grow, which is perfect since you are getting SO good at growing! I don't think I've seen your Quickie Zippie yet, but you sure look like a BIG boy sitting with your desk! (although Olive sure looks a bit mischievous in that picture...)

Deana said...

Wow...I can't believe you haven't seen him in his wheelchair. We'll have it next time we see you. He's like a different kid in it.

Oh...and Olive is mischievous!