Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I included...

Max and his classmates have started a new unit since getting back from Spring Break.  They are learning about how societies work, and creating their own mini-society within their classroom.  They have to come up with a name, a flag, jobs, and a way to make money.

Right now, they are still on the early stages, and had to come up with a name of their society.  Max usually calls in over FaceTime every morning for reading time with his peers, and read aloud time with his teacher.  For the next couple of weeks, he's calling in for mini-society time too.  Today, they needed to vote on a name for their society.

Max listened to all the group names, and immediately chose the one he liked best.  He had to wait for the rest of the names to be read, and a few things to be voted on.  Twice, Max was the tie-breaking vote.  At one point, I heard a classmate murmur..."Max's vote is the only one that counts because he's the tie-breaker!"

It was time to vote for the official class mini-society name, so Max's teacher asked for his vote first, and he gave it.  Then, all his classmates voted for their favorite name.  In the end, the name Max voted for won!

Max was pretty excited.  After we signed off, Max was telling Daddy about it, and he said with his talker computer:




Max is very much a part of their society, and his voice has been heard, and included.  They're all learning a great lesson this year.


Unknown said...

I love this!

Elizabeth said...

Great -- and such an important and simple example of good inclusion. If only all societies -- both past and present -- were so!

Deana said...

This particular class could change the world. They are an amazing set of kids!

Madame Angela Baggett said...

I keep thinking "that post was the best! how awesome!"- but now really, this is TOTALLY cool. I love that he is included and knows it! ;)

Thia said...

I hope Max knows just how beautiful and awesome he is.

Lauren said...

So many smiles this brings to my heart.