Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Happy 200th blog post on Monster Max's blog!

He's looking forward to Spring, but there's still so much snow on the ground. So, we're trying to bring the Spring in to him.


To bring a little color into his buddies days, he wants to thank all of his readers and commenters with a giveaway for his 200th post.

These are some of Max's favorite crayons. They are super easy to use, and have the most brillant colors.

Max uses them with this handy dandy tool his OT at school made for him. It's just pvc pipe, with little screw that hold in the crayon/marker/pencil. He can hold on to the long piece, and I help guide his hand.


If you would like to win some of these awesome crayola crayons, just leave a comment with the thing you're most looking forward to with Spring coming, or your favorite crayon color! And, thanks so much for following along to Max's story on his blog! We will randomly choose a winner next week.

**Full disclosure, Crayola doesn't have any idea who I am, and is in no way associated with this blog. They have not contributed in any way to this giveaway.**


Anonymous said...

YEAH 200th post!! I think I have read most of them with a lot of interest and always looking forward to what's new with you little Monster Max! What we look forward for this Spring is NO SNOW...with the smell of SPRING in the air!! and Marc-Antony's favorite color is BLUE..just like your blue eyes Max!
Good luck to all who will participate in winning those awesome the meantime..I will look for them for marc-antony at Toys R us!! thank you Max for sharing!

Laura G said...

OK I'll be the first to fess up that I would love to have these crayons for my sweet boy. I've been following your blog for a little while, not sure where I came to you from but I think Max is awesome. He seriously reminds me a lot of my three year old son who just started preschool this week....yikes!

Laura G

Unknown said...

Congrats on your 200th post! I love the photo with the flowers. I never get sick of seeing Max's blue eyes!

What I look forward to in Spring is the longer days and sunshine. It is literally a life line for me after a long dark winter.

Shachi said...

200 - yayyyyy! But somehow it seems to me like a lot more...maybe coz you wrote the most last year and that's when I started reading. Its always inspiring for me to read your blog, and I always learn something new....Max is ooooober cute.....

Amanda Jaksha said...

Happy 200th Max! Aliza happens to love yellow too. I sure have been enjoying your posts about school, keep it up.

I am looking forward to a picnic in the park with you and friends!

Maria Hopfgarten said...

Wow 200!!!
I am looking forward to spring, since we can get out as a family again all 4 of us! Noone is staying behind due to germs and infections!

Deana said...

Thanks for all the comments! I will be using to choose the winner today...and will notify the winner this afternoon.

Deana said...

Congratulations to Laura G! I hope Cody likes the crayons!!