Friday, April 5, 2013

Field Trip...

Thursday, Max got to go on a field trip to the Mammoth and Mastodon exhibit at the Museum of Nature and Science with his entire grade.

He teamed up with his buddies who came over to visit a few weeks ago.  When we got there, Max was still a little sleepy.  His friends start school way earlier than he wakes up, but he stayed awake for most of the time.  He's been staying awake most of the night every day this week.  The night before the museum visit, he was awake until 3:00am.

We couldn't take many photos, except in certain spots.  It was interesting, but a little overwhelming with all the kids running around and  trying to keep Max moving, but still sticking with his classmates who were taking the time to do all the hands on activities that Max really couldn't do.

It was great through the whole time at the museum to see classmates from years past shyly, and not so shyly come up to Max and say hello.  We heard the whole time "It's MAX!!!  Look Max came!!!"

The Wooly Mammoth...

Here Max is with his friends before they turned around and posed around his chair with him.  I won't be posting that photo, because I don't have permission from all the parents, but I assure you, it was precious!

Rawr...a sabertoothed cat.

One of the other moms got our photo with Max.


This big hairy bear is what I imagine was the real Big Foot.  It was enormous!


A Mastodon skeleton...


A Pygmy Mastodon...Max is wearing the little hat they were handing out to appease us for this photo.  He wanted nothing to do with it otherwise.


There were these little videos playing throughout the whole exhibit, and I'm not sure I was supposed to take a photo here, but I had to capture this moment.  Max was watching the video towards the end of the exhibit, and his little friends came right around him and sat down to watch the three minute video with him.  Included.


And at the end of the exhibit, there were a couple of ...what are they? archeologists? fossil preservers?... preserving a rib cage found in Colorado.  They answered the kids questions, and just kept scraping away while they talked.  It was pretty nifty!


At this point, the stimulation of it all got to Max.  I think that paired with the fact he was awake until 3:00am the night before.  He fell asleep and we thought it was best to head on from that point while his classmates went around to the other exhibits.  I always wish he could handle longer times out with classmates, but the time he got to spend was fun.  

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Elizabeth said...

I imagine that as he grows older, he WILL be able to handle longer and longer periods of time at school. I'm glad, though, that he was able to join in on this visit and wish that some of the stuff there could have been more accessible!