Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Remembering Extubation Day...

December 1st.

It's a historic day in the world of the Monster.

His birthday is always celebrated as a special day, because it's the day we mark another year on the calendar.  But December 1st is the day he decided to show us just what he was made of.  It's the day we knew that we truly had no control over this life we were given.  It's the sort of day that makes you believe in powers much higher than ourselves.

I've written about that day many times through the past 12 years.  You can read those here, here and here.  They're all full of different memories from the day and the years past.  But this year is a little different for me.  This year I'll miss a phone call with Max's Nonni to celebrate.  She always, always called to say "Happy Extubation Day!!"

This year, we started a bit early by retelling the story to Max's nurse before we put him in bed tonight.  Of course, he joined in and told it best...because he knows more than we do what all really went down that day.

It's always important for us to stop and remember how far we've come, and be truly grateful for the life he has.  Because it could have all been so different.   That was a turning point for all of us in this journey with Max.  It was the day he fought to have a voice.  It's the day we realized if he can fight that hard to be heard, we can give everything we have to make sure our voices are heard for him too.

So here's to another Extubation Day...full of happy memories, and probably a few nostalgic tears.

And here's to Max...the King of the Wild Things...The BatMax...The strongest boy I will ever know.

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