Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Welcome Spring...

In the afternoons, once therapies and school has stopped, Max and I take a little break from it all and just watch cartoons (him)  and catch up on email (me).

Today in our down-time, the doorbell rang, and I expected it was some poor soul trying to guilt me into a magazine subscription.  George usually bolts to the door and barks his head off when the doorbell rings.  But this time was different, he trotted to the door and just stood there until I opened the door.

I opened the door to find two of Max's classmates.  One was his buddy from music therapy and volcano fame, and the other is one of his classmates who was over playing.  They were just riding scooters around and wanted to come by and see Max.

What else to do, but let them see Max.  The boys came in and asked where they could wash their hands.  They know the drill....being around Max, have to be well and wash hands.  They came right in and said hi to Max, who was chilling in his beanbag chair watching some obnoxious cartoon on PBS.  I think it's obnoxious, but all the boys were watching, so it must be geared at their age.

They talked about what they're learning in Science, and saw Max's creepy crawly he's got in a jar.  It went from some sort of caterpillar and I'm sure will turn into some kind of creepy flyer.  Max talked the whole time they were here.  He wasn't hooked up to his computer, but he was happily chatting with them, and his friend who has been over a couple of times helped guide the conversation for the other classmate who hadn't spent any real 1 on 1 time with Max.

They were ready to get back to riding their scooters and said they hoped to see Max out on his bike later.  I told them they'll have to come over again and maybe they can play music together, and they started out to leave.

As I was shutting the door, I heard their conversation to each other.

"See, he likes to visit"

"Yeah, he was really excited to see us"

"That was cool"

I never dreamed I would have a classmate knocking on our door asking if Max was home....can Max play?

Max enjoyed recalling it all evening, smiling as we all went on about it.  I think he's happy and proud to have friends that come calling for him.  Welcome Spring...I think we'll have more play time for friends coming up.


Elizabeth said...

This made me cry. I know how amazing it is -- and how simply wonderful. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Amanda Jaksha said...


ferfischer said...

These are such important years - I really want these things for Cici too, outside of her siblings. This is such a win-win thing.

t said...

wish it was achyutha and raghava knocking on the door and wanting to chat with max. but alas we live far away and we are missing out!

Unknown said...

i love this

Unknown said...

i love this

Madame Angela Baggett said...

yipee! friends are the best!

Lauren said...

Absolutely love this.