Saturday, June 30, 2012


This morning, we spent an hour with Max's pediatrician for a check-up.  In the past year, Max was in the hospital so much, that his doctors were seeing him pretty regularly.  Now that he's been able to stay out of the joint for a long stretch, they're all wanting to check in with him to see how he's growing.

And growing is exactly what he's doing!  Up in weight, and same on height, so the new blended diet is still a go! We can even start adding fresh foods to the meal, instead of just jars of baby food.  Watch out Farmer's Markets, here we come!  We better make room in the freezer for stocking up while the produce is at it's peak too.

We talked a bit about his sleep problems this month...yes - all month he's not slept well for this entire month!  Since there is nothing noticeably "wrong" with him, she thinks he's just terribly bored.  School is out, Sister is visiting grandparents this month and part of next, and George is gone.  It's been so awfully hot, and the smoke from all the forest fires has really limited our outside time, so he just sleeps. Our prescription was to wake him up and keep him up as much as possible, to take him outside at least once during the day to let him see it IS daytime, and to increase his sleep medicine at night because he's grown out of the dose.  We're hoping it all works, because once George gets home on Thursday, he's going to want to play with his boy!

When we got home, he was thoroughly worn out.  But, he only napped for a few minutes and then was awake most of the rest of the day.

All in all a great visit, and she was happy to see him strong and healthy, and not in the hospital setting!  Now on to some fun this weekend, and getting ready for George to come home!!!


Junior said...

can't wait to hear about how George's training went. Awesome that the blended diet is going well and Max is growing. hugs.

Deana said...

Heidi, here are more programs across the US that train dogs in a correctional facility with the inmates doing the training. :

And these are in Ohio, but trained specifically for special needs owners.