Sunday, June 24, 2012

Flat Max - Mexico

Another Flat Max adventure for you, thanks to our friends in Iowa, who took Flat Max to Mexico for Spring Break.  (Yes, it has taken me that long to update!!!!)  The bottom of the journey's pictures did not come through after trying multiple times, so we'll just have to keep trying to make them work and then I can update this post.)

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Niezwaag for taking Max on a great adventure!

Max is very excited for his trip to Cozumel.  His suitcase was packed and he was ready to go!


Max took a very long ride to the airport but stayed awake the entire trip as he was very, very excited to go to Mexico.


It was evening when Max arrived in Mexico and he was just in time to see the sun go down over the Gulf of Mexico.


Max's first day in Cozumel he looked out over the Gulf of Mexico.  He liked seeing the big cruise ships come and go.
If you look carefully over Maxís shoulder you will see a ship.


Max spent part of his day looking around at the palm trees, the sand and those fancy umbrellas.


What is Max's favorite color?  He found YELLOW flowers in Mexico.  Yellow is Max's favorite color!

Max spent one day at the beach.  The water was blue and the waves were huge.  Max got a little wet!

Max laughed and laughed as he was splashed by the waves. The water in Mexico was very warm.

What a surprise Max had when he met up with the macaw.  He learned that this bird likes nuts and fruit.  His beak cracks into the nuts so he can eat.  His toes grab onto the tree to help him stand.  And what Max liked best about this bird was the loud chatter and screams the bird made when he talked to Max. The bird had many, many colors and was so pretty.

It was time for lunch and Max was so hungry.  It was a good thing that Max knew how to speak Spanish so he could read the menu.  Max had a hard time deciding between banana and milk, milk with chocolate, and oatmeal and milk.  He decided to have tacos and milk with chocolate.

Max learned that he had to pay in pesos (pay-sos) instead of dollars as he does in the United States where he lives.

Another BIG CRUISE SHIP!!!!!!!!!  The ships brought lots of people from all over the world to visit Cozumel with Max.

One day on his trip he met 'su amigos'- his new friends, Miguel and Jose (Michael and Joe).  They took him for a ride in their fancy car.  Max had such fun playing with them.

This was very scary!!!  Max got to hold this big lizard.  The lizard was very long with polka dot legs.  It had gold eyes and a big mouth.  Max could even see the spikes on the back of the lizard and his nose.

Mr. Niezwaag, Max's Iowa friend, finally held the lizard.   Max was so brave.  He told Mr. Niezwaag that the lizard was very nice.  Antonio from Mexico who takes care of the lizard helped Max show the lizard to his friend from Iowa.

Max visited the ruins of a village where people lived hundreds of years ago.  And guess what he saw all over the ruins????

Max saw more and more lizards with different colors.

Max met a trio of singers who played their guitars and sang for him.  Sadly though they did not know any opera music and that is Max's favorite music.  This was Max's last day in Mexico.

The last day ended with Max looking out over the Gulf of Mexico one last time.  Just be is what is written in the pool. It means just be loving and caring of Max as he is a friend to us all.  Max likes it when we all JUST BE kind to everyone.

On Max's way home he stopped in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to see Anna, Jacob and Danny.  Their aunt is Krista, who is a very special friend of Max's.

Anna is just finishing first grade.
They all played hide and seek.  Danny is looking for Max and Jacob found him.

Max's final stop was in Charles City, Iowa where he has friends who really love him.  Max went to visit the second grade class at Lincoln Elementary.  Their big smiles showed how happy they were to have him visit.  Max told them all about his school and class in Colorado.  Max wants you to find his new friend in the yellow shirt.  Can you?

Cinnamon shared her desk with Max. He loved reading the most and Max helped the class learn about shapes like rectangles and circles.  On that day the whole class had to be weighed and measured by Mrs. Niezwaag, the school nurse.  She is Max's Iowa friend. She cares for Max and all of children in the school.

Alyvia helped Max on and off the scale.

Max even got to sit in the teacher's chair.  Mrs. Bartelt told him what a nice boy he was and thanked him for coming to visit her classroom.  She was excited to have a new friend, too.


Thank you for being a part of our adventure to Mexico.  You taught many things to the people we met along the way.  My little second grade friends in Charles City know your story and ask about you often.  I tell them how much you mean to so many.  Tell dad, mom, and Abbey "hello"from your friends in Iowa.


Dennis and Diane Niezwaag

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