Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Inmate George...

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George sitting, waiting patiently for a treat.

Do you miss George?

We sure do!  George has been spending the Summer at camp.  At least, that's what we've told Max.  George is at camp.  And not the kind of camp parents usually tell little boys who are missing their dog.

George is actually in prison.

He's not in prison because he committed any crime...besides being adorable...but to be trained!

The Colorado Cell Dog program matches up an inmate with your pet for a month long boarding, intensive training at the Women's Correctional Facility here in Denver.  He lives in the cell with his inmate, eats in the food hall, and gets all of his training right there in the correctional facility.  We first heard about the program from our neighbors who have the most well behaved dog we have ever seen!  When we got George, we asked where they had done training for their dog and they mentioned the cell dog program.

It took a while for us to get him in, because he had to be old enough, so we went through some early training here at home, but with illnesses, and visitors through the winter, we just weren't consistent enough in the training.  George wasn't destructive, or harmful in any way.  He was just a stinker!  He only listened when he wanted to, and only minded if there was a treat involved!

We've been telling Max that George will be home this Thursday.  But...last week the head trainer called to ask what else we specifically wanted to be working on with George in regards to Max.  I thought they would only be working on basics, sit, stay, heel, but as it turns out, George is a GENIUS, and he's ready for some more training.

So, instead of coming home Thursday, he will stay on for a couple more weeks and go through testing for the Canine Good Citizen, and they will make sure he knows all the commands to pass testing for a therapy dog.

We'll miss him for a couple more weeks, then get a George that will not jump up on you when you come in the door, and can take a walk without jumping like a kangaroo down the sidewalk!  And surely will still love his Max the very most, just as soon as we can get them back together!


Danetta said...

Those boys will be so happy to see each other again, I hope you capture the reunion on video!

Gwennie said...

As long as he still climbs in bed with me and lays on my bag when its time for me to leave, I'm good with it :)