Monday, October 22, 2018

Halloween Night When I Was Born...

Max has been working on a story about the night he was born for a few weeks now. He has no doubt heard us tell and retell the story of his birth hundreds of times over the past almost 15 years, but he's blended in some truth with some fantasy to make up his incredible story.  I'll try to add some explanation along the way. 
"Halloween Night When I Was Born."

"Halloween night and it is birthday.  Forest Halloween night. Out there was moon. Ice cold."

I asked Max who was there in the forest on the night on Halloween?

"Pumpkin King Daddy there Nonni there Halloween night when I born forest. Mother with me in her. Halloween night long time. I was sick."

Pumpkin King made his appearance in the story last week.  Daddy and Nonni were there when he was born.  He was NOT born in a forest, but his Daddy likes to tell him he was, so he's been telling it like that to make Daddy laugh.
 I asked Max what the Pumpkin King was doing in the forest on Halloween night when he was born.

"Pumpkin King make me live.  Halloween night greatest of nights when I live, not die. Boy who live. Moon was magic. Pumpkin King make song. Make magic to mom I live."

 "Halloween night boy lives."

Robby asked, Max what was the song the Pumpkin King was singing?

"Halloween night boy lives long. Joyous night when the best boy b(orne)."

"Halloween night I happy because I live."

He certainly has heard the part of the story where we didn't know what was going on when he was born.  He was sick, we just didn't know it yet.  
 "Mother was sick but she was beginning to be boy mother."

I don't remember talking much about how I felt after having him, but sick as a dog is about right.
 "Mother to baby. Ice cold in the forest." "Dad happiness baby was borne."
We're back in the forest.  There really was an ice storm the night he was born. And his Daddy agreed, he was happy when he was born. 

"Mom love baby. Make him live. Dad say, "baby boy Max.""

True...we didn't know if we were having a boy or a girl, so when Max was born Steve said "We have our Maximilian."
 I told him he remembers a lot about the night he was born.  "I know birthday."

"Boy love music. Pumpkin King. And love it mine.  Feel happy I live."

THE END...for now. He might always add on to his story, but this was the most complete it's been in a month.  He has been expressing a gratitude lately for his life.  Last week he said it's been a great life.  I just love the way he puts his thoughts into words.

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