Thursday, August 10, 2017


Max has been working hard at getting his ideas across in art therapy lately.  Yesterday he was frustrated with no being able to express himself exactly like he wanted to, but he stuck it out and was able to get his thoughts across so he could make exactly what he wanted, a t-shirt for his Aunty Angie.

He thought he didn't have any blank t-shirts, and kept telling us he needed to go to the store, and needed to go buy it.  I asked him what did he need to buy? He spelled out "a lot tsirt" - which I confirmed was t-shirts.  He had plenty of blank t-shirts so I asked him who he wanted to make a t-shirt for, and he said "Aunty Angie."

Once he was able to tell us he wanted to make her a t-shirt, he had to make sure we knew what he wanted to put on the shirt.  He spelled out G-E-R-A-F-D, giraffe! Which just happens to be her favorite animal.

He got to work and chose his colors, said it needed two giraffes and a heart, and then it was all done.

He was so proud of himself once he finished it that he wanted to go right away and give it to her.  So, once Daddy got home from work, we loaded up and took it to her to surprise her.

Hooray for stencils! 

He was yellow giraffe she is the black and a pink heart in the middle. 

She didn't know what he had to bring her right away, but she was excited to find out!

"A plain white tshirt? That's my favorite!  Thank you Max!"


Happy Aunty with her lovely new shirt from her guy Max. 

He's such a thoughtful guy.  I wish it wasn't so much work for him to get those thoughts across, but we love it when he's able to.

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