Sunday, July 16, 2017

Jack Johnson

Three years ago, Max got a very special invitation to meet Jack Johnson and stay for his sold out concert at Red Rocks.  It was a really special event and something he still likes to talk about.  When I heard Jack was coming back this year after a few years off, I knew I had to try to get the monster tickets.

Max was so excited once he learned we were going, and he knew exactly who he wanted to invite. He asked his pal, B, to come along because they have shared Jack songs together for a few years now.  I think playing Jack was one of the first things they connected on when she was his speech therapist.  Now that she's no longer his speech therapist, he counts her as his #1 pal, and was so excited to take her with him.  We got to go along as well, and I think he had fun with all of us being there.

We really lucked out and got great seats.  The concert was at Fiddler's Green in Greenwood Village, CO.  We've been to many different venues in the metro area, and so far this was the best experience with accessibility for Max.  We parked right by the ticket office and were taken in to the VIP area before being taken to his seat with a great view of the stage.  When we needed to take Max for a change, they took us off to the side of the stage area for a family restroom.  There was no table or bench to actually change him, but at least it was a private area to change him in his chair.  We take what we can get!

Before the show, in the VIP area, we walked around the sculpture garden and took some fun photos in this huge sculpture made out of tree branches. 

Max tolerated the opening act, but let's be honest, he was only there for Jack.  He got a little impatient and we decided to see if we could take him for a wardrobe change to get him ready for Jack's set. This is when the usher took us behind the scenes to the family restroom to change Max.  Max loves having "backstage" experiences so this was a great break before the show started.  

As we were being taken back to our seats, Jack came on the stage and said the first song was for all his friends in the audience.  We told Max that was for him!  It was Max's favorite Jack Johnson song, Upside Down, from the Curious George soundtrack. After he played that, it was a great show under a cool Colorado summer sky.  He ended up playing all of our favorites, and Max lasted up until the very end.  We scooted out before the crowd and listened to his last couple of songs in the parking lot.  

What a very special night with all the people Max loves.  Of course we got pictures, but once the show started it was all about dancing and singing so they are mostly from before the show.  

In the tree house sculpture.

Max checking it out - he does love nature!

Max and B

Max rode up a lift in his wheelchair to his seats. 

It was all very accessible. 

Max and B checking out the stage and having a little chat. 

Pretty awesome seats!

He makes her laugh! They really are very special pals!

Max got to throw the beach ball back a couple of times to the crowd.

So excited for the show!

He was full of love for everyone - "I love you I love you I love you"
Time for the show to start!
Our crew! Our friends and their little guy were sitting next to us too! 
Singing Jack 

Daddy got Max this fun light at the show. 

Our crew enjoying the concert. 

This was Max's big fun thing to look forward to this summer. We're always a little uncertain of how these events will go, but he really did pretty well.  I definitely think this was the best venue for concerts for Max.  It was a great show and I'm so glad he had a great time!

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