Friday, March 10, 2017


Max has had some pretty special nurses in his life through the years.  They all bring something special into his life.  And Max's Nurse Rachel is no exception.  Not only is she a great nurse, but in her free time, she plays hockey.  She has wanted to take Max skating for a while and we finally got it all sorted to take him today!

He was pretty quiet throughout their time skating, and probably would have let her take him skating for hours.  But, since she worked last night, we wanted to make sure he didn't wear her out.

The manager helped Steve get him onto the rink, and off again when they were done.

 And off they went skating!!  It was hard to get a picture of the smile on his face when they were on the other side of the rink from us, but he was smiling a lot!

It was such a special treat for both of them.  Maybe we need to get him a hockey stick for his chair and he can join the team!  Thank you Nurse Rachel for being his pal and showing him a new way of having fun!

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Elizabeth said...

That's so cool! I wish they had a hockey team that he could join -- or something similar without all the violence!