Tuesday, November 3, 2015

12 Years old...

I should start by saying, if you don't like creepy crawlies, this post is not for you.  But...if you love Max's smile and seeing the things he likes buckle down and enjoy the picture journey through our incredible boy's 12th birthday. 

Max woke up ready for his party....but not quite ready to stay awake.  So, we let him rest while we got everything ready for his friends to show up. 

His teacher made him this shirt.  It says Turtle Max, and he wanted to wear it as soon as he opened it from her!  

He told me his cake was to have snakes and spiders on it.  I added a few frogs and lizards too.

 His friends needed frog eggs to go with their pizza.  

And a cucumber snake.  It looks cool, but none of the kids ate it.  I think they were all too excited for the reptiles to arrive. 

Max and his pals having some pizza and getting ready for the reptile party to begin. 

When I booked the party with Canyon Critters, I knew I was not going to be the biggest fan of the critters being around.  But, I also knew Max was going to love seeing them up close.  When I saw just how excited he was, I knew it was so worth it!  This is a ball python.  

This bearded dragon was not his favorite.  It was pretty spiky and he didn't like that as much.

 The tortoise was why I contacted them in the first place.  He brought two tortoises for Max, and taught us all a lot about the differences between turtles and tortoises.  This was a desert turtle from Africa.  It was a rescue and has a damaged shell.  He has had a 3D printed shell made to protect her shell.  She wears that when she plays with other tortoises.  She is in her teenage years, and only about half the size she will eventually be.

We learned the bumps on their shells were signs of malnutrition.  And that tortoises aren't supposed to have those tall cone like bumps on their shells.

This tortoise is from a jungle area, and is much smaller than the big tortoise.  But, he was much easier for Max to get to see up close.  

 Then came out Mr. Iguana...the boys all wanted a turn with it on their backs.  Max got a turn with him up close too. 

This is the one that makes everyone jump when I show the pictures.  Max likes the big spiders very much.  He didn't mind it crawling on him at all.  But, they are very fragile creatures and because Max moves so much we only let it be on him for a few seconds. 

And finally, what they were all waiting for.......this enormous albino Burmese python.  Oh, this thing was enormous.  And weighed in at about 60 pounds. 

Max loved her.  He wanted to give her kisses, but as soon as I saw that I asked the critter guy to take him off.  I could just see Max using his teeth to kiss and that monster wrapping up around him!

First Max wanted a picture with all of us.  Mom and sister were not having it, but Max and Dad were loving it. 

Present and cake time with friends got a lot of cool things, including two little African frogs to watch swim around.  

After his friends left, Max was ready for a costume change.  This year he told me he wanted to "wear shirts" for his costume.  He asked for his police officer shirt after his turtle Max shirt. 

Then he got some visitors.  First, his aunt Shauna and Uncle Jim came over and brought him a great long plush snake, he has named Snakey.  He also got a visit from his new friend Liz from Australia.  She brought the Koala, which is so soft and lovey too.

He wouldn't keep the birthday cake hat on for a photo.  He thought I was pretty silly for trying to make him wear it for a photo. 

He was so surprised to get a special visit from his pal B.  Since she started working for another clinic and he doesn't get to see her twice a week, he's really been missing her.  He was so happy to get a birthday visit from her, and to show her his new friend. 

Ince all the visitors left, it was time for the costumes to get on and get ready for tricks and treats. Max wore his Batman shirt, and even wanted to wear his bat ears! 

Then because it was so nice outside, he sat outside for a good portion of tricks and treats handing out candy.  It's almost never nice enough on Halloween for him to get to be outside that long.  And he loved it!

He had me go get his zombie gnome for extra spookiness. 

Since his birthday, he's been loving cuddling with Snakey and telling everyone about his awesome birthday.  

It's hard to believe he's in his last year in "kid years".  Next year I will have a teenager boy.  I can't even believe that!!  Here is to a wonderful year of being 12.  A year of learning, and laughing and loving.  

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Elizabeth said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful son! I can't say that I lingered on the photos, though -- to be honest, they freaked me out!