Friday, October 23, 2015

Turtle song...

Max has had a busy few days.  Yesterday he had a checkup with his neurologist.  I was afraid he would sleep through it since it was an early morning appointment, but he woke up as soon as his doctor came in the room.

We filled him in on how Max has been doing.  He reminded us it has been two years since Max's last seizure.  That is certainly an accomplishment, especially since we've been able to wean Max off of two of his seizure medicines in that time.  For Max's part, he got to share the song he wrote in music recently.  His doctor loved seeing the process of Max choosing the notes, and listening to how it turned out.

Max chose the notes with his feet, pushing them off the felt board until he got to the note he wanted.  He told Ms Laura which key the song needed to be in.  Which tempo, and when the notes needed to be high and low. 

Max's turtle song. 

Max also had a dentist check up this week.  It's a little more difficult to do a cleaning while he's awake, but Dr. Dave is always super patient with him and waits until Max is ready for him to get a look inside his mouth.

He's been busy reading stories with his teacher, as we're still waiting to get things sorted with his school.  It's been a frustrating start to the 6th grade, so it's been a lot of number card games, and books so far for Max his school year.

Before the rainy cold weather hit this week, we were able to get out for a few walks in the gorgeous fall weather.

In art therapy, he got down to work painting pumpkins.  It is just a little over a week until his Halloween birthday!

Thankfully the rain is clearing up and we're all set up for a gorgeous weekend!