Wednesday, November 25, 2015

New chair...

Max got a new chair this week.  His recliner which he sits in most of the day broke from his hulkiness and the back wouldn't stay up anymore.  Since we bought it secondhand, we didn't have a warranty and had to bite the bullet and pay full price for one so we could get the warranty.  This lift chair has been the best seating arrangement we've ever had for him.'s not as worked in as his old chair was, so he's figuring out how to maneuver himself out of it in all new ways.

Today, he found a fun new trick. If he pushes and rolls at the same time he can get to his side.  He's not got quite enough coordination to go ahead and roll over, but if he gets it just right with a forceful kick, I imagine he could get here.

This means we can't leave his side...and I may be finding a way to remove some of the stuffing so he's not sitting so far forward in it.

Here he is in action!

Just look at his face!  Pure orneriness!  I kept telling him to be careful and not roll in his chair.  He got just to the side and then would stop and crack up.  This boy is going to give me a head full of white hair before I'm 40!  

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