Saturday, August 22, 2015

Therapy celebrations...

Max had a special couple of therapy days in the past couple of weeks.  His speech therapist, Brittany, is on to new adventures.  While we're so sad that she won't be here to chat with Max every week, we'll still be close because she's really turned out to be a great friend and is on our board for our non-profit.

For their last day, Max wanted to have a picnic at Whole Foods together.

When B went to get coffee for them, he said "Can I have a turn?"  He loves his coffee time with Brittany!  He wanted to wear the shirt he tie dyed with Brittany for their special day.  

We are meeting a new speech therapist next week and hope the transition will be a quick one.   He tends to latch on to his therapists and doesn't like change too much.  

This week was also a special anniversary, 5 years with his music therapist, Laura.  Max had the idea that she needed a present to celebrate, so he got her a little necklace with a heart of gold on a thread. When the thread breaks her wish comes true.  The heart of gold reference is because of their song they sing together, Heart Of Gold.  Each time he hears it he says, "WaaaaahWuuuuuh!" She says he has a heart of gold, but we know she does too. 

To celebrate Laura brought streamers and stickers for Max.  They listened to some of the recordings they've made with each other over the past five years, and of course played music and sang together.  

Max's first friends in his life were his therapists.  They are with him every week, and have been through all the ups and downs in life.  But just like in life, they will come in and out of his life.  We're so grateful for the work they do and continue to do.  It is a huge part of what makes Max's life so great.  

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Elizabeth said...

I miss the days when Sophie had music and other therapies, and those wonderful women and men came to our house to share their talents and help Sophie explore hers. You've inspired me to perhaps look into music therapy again for her --