Wednesday, September 9, 2015

End of Summer...

Let's finish up summer with this post.  The weather is starting to cool enough to open the windows and has signaled to us that fall is just around the corner.  There is talk of birthday celebrations and what we're doing for Halloween.  This will be a long post of pictures, but I want to get it all on here to make sure it's all accounted for, and hopefully will get back on track with more frequent posting.

While it was still too hot to play outside, we took Max to check out a store with "museum animals."  This store had a huge moose that Max wanted a picture with.

We also found a tank of Colorado fish.  

The best thing about that visit was finding a huge turtle pillow!

It was time for school to start.  Being a 6th grader means he did not want a picture, but I tried to sneak a few in anyway.  

When his new teacher asked if he liked what they would be working on this year, he said, accepts, accepting this.

He needed big turtle to be near him through art therapy to work on a few turtle paintings.

Max has been able to get out during the day more because the weather is cooling.  He loves his walks around the neighborhood. 

We took a trip for my mom's memorial in Oklahoma.  Max was able to go too. He slept through much of Kansas...I did too.

He got to ride on one of his Great-Uncle's horses.  

And got to visit with lots of his family who haven't seen him in many, many years.

Max really enjoyed getting to see his Pops!

And his great-grandparents.  Here he is with great-granddad.  He calls Max "Catfish."

Max with great-grandma.  

It was a good time with family, and I know mom would have been happy with how it all turned out. She always came to Max, so, we knew for this we needed to take him to where she rests.  It wasn't a particularly difficult trip for him, but it was longer than he's traveled in almost 8 years.  Once we got to the hotel, we found the difficult piece.  He had nowhere comfortable or safe to sit outside of the wheelchair he had just been in for 12 hours.  So, we had to get creative and put a couple of chairs together to try to make a chair work for him.  I wish so much he could fly to get from point A - B easier.  But, we'll keep working on it.  Because as it turns out, he definitely has the traveling gene from both his parents and loved going on an adventure! 

Now we're home and into the full swing of school.  Max is starting to learn all about turtles, and of course is really enjoying it!  

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Elizabeth said...

I know how sad you must be, given the loss of your mother, but it looks to have been a happy one for Max. He is looking handsome and strong these days -- I really love that last photo with the landscape out the car window. I hope this year is a productive, healthy one for you all, particularly Max!