Friday, June 12, 2015

Lazy Summer...

 I can tell the months of the year based on Max's sleep schedule.  I can't explain it, and neither can his doctors, so we just let him sleep.  His schedule always rights itself at the end of summer.  It could be he needs more seizure medicine.

It could be his increase in calories are too much at once and his schedule is flipped.  It could be it's hot and boring without school and regular therapy schedule.  It could be the higher dose of testosterone is messing with his sleep cycle. Whatever it is, Max stays up all night, and wants to sleep most of the day.  If I didn't think it would look like really bad parenting, I would take video of just how loud I can be and try to wake him up and still he snoozes.

I know this much, it happens every summer.  The list of reasons above have all been what we've attributed the extra sleep to through the years.  But, he's consistent.  He grows in the summer.  He sleeps in the summer.  And when he sleeps we have to let him.  It's partly due to his metabolic disease, partly due to his having epilepsy.  If his body is telling him to sleep, then sleep he must.

We take him for a weight check next week, and we'll see if we can narrow down what is happening with him sleeping so much this summer.  My guess is we're going to just chalk it up to another lazy summer.  We're so, so grateful for nurses this year while he sleeps through the days and keeps them company all night long! 


Elizabeth said...

How bizarre! And I, too, am so relieved that you have nursing at night when Max finds his summer nocturnal self!

Deana said...

He slept all night last night...after we allowed him to stay up until midnight watching movies with his nurse. He told me he was nocturnal like a bat...oh dear.