Sunday, May 31, 2015

Max and Momma Day...

Today was a Max and Momma adventure day.  It was a gorgeous day outside with no rain for the first time in weeks.  Steve was gone and I wanted to get out since it was finally a beautiful day and we had no other plans. 

Max thought the idea of getting out was pretty great too!  

When Max was little, I was braver about getting out with him by myself.  I would haul him hither and yon any time of the day.  But as he's grown, and his car got bigger I've not been so brave.   Today, I thought maybe we should try to change that. 

I loaded Max into his van, and we took off for his park. 

But, oops!  Daddy-o left us with not enough fuel to make it to the park and home, so we had to make a pit stop.  I figured out an unfamiliar area to get diesel and then figured out how to fuel the van...for the first time in the 6 years of having this sucker I've never been the one to fill it up! 

Max hung out in the van, and I hurried as quickly as I could, hoping for no hiccups because I wouldn't have been able to leave him to go inside.  But, that didn't happen and before long we were on our way again, towards the park.

Our regular loading/unloading spot was taken by a woman in a Benz reading a book in her car with the door open.  Definitely not a van loading need, but whatever....we rolled with it and found another spot to keep our adventure going. 

It has been SO rainy we haven't been to Max's park in weeks.  He was so excited to be there and see all the ducks and geese as we walked around the pond. 

When we got to the other side, Max found his treasure for the day.  Look at all those baby geese!  

They got out and walked right in front of us.   We decided that they were cute because they were babies, but maybe a little ugly for geese. 

I had to move Max back when a dog thought it needed to back at them all...rather, a person thought it would be funny to let their dog bark at them all.  Then the parent geese hissed and started chasing them.  Then we thought it was funny.  

After the goose parade, we did the rest of our loop around the pond and started back towards home. I didn't have any major issues.  Max didn't need out of his chair for the time we were out, which was under 2 hours.  That was important because I have to use the lift to move him in and out of his chair. I can do it manually but it's not as safe, and I end up hurting the next day from the strain.  So, that was good that he didn't need out. Max also didn't need anything while I was driving.  When we are all together, if Max has a huge sneeze, or gag, or his glasses fall and he gets them stuck in his mouth (yes, this is a thing he does), I am the one who gets up while we're trucking along to help him.  The gas fill-up was just a fluke.  Steve usually fills up when we all get out.  Who knew I would get the itch to take us out on my own?  And there was also the small dilemma of my not being able to go in anywhere without a lot of fuss.  For instance, I needed to use the bathroom, but had to wait until I got home, got Max out of the van, and out of his chair before I could address that.  Next time I know to go before I leave and maybe skip the iced tea at the park. 

It was a good adventure to have with Max today.  We both enjoyed the park, and seeing the baby geese.  I felt really accomplished getting out with him by myself.  It's a good reminder that it doesn't just have to be an emergency trip to the hospital, or doctor appointment that gets us out alone.  All that said...I much prefer to be driven around, so we'll be happy for the Daddy to be back to drive us to more adventures. 


Elizabeth said...

I am really grateful that you've described your afternoon with Max as I had little idea of the minituia of going out with him alone. The photos are lovely -- I like especially the one of the back of him looking out on that extraordinary and peaceful vista. I am struck by how strong and capable you are --

Deana said...

Thank you Elizabeth! I'm sure you know this well, but there's no way I could put in every little detail of all that goes on to get out the door and out and about. This is just a glimpse, like all of the posts here. Thank you for your continued encouragement.