Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May adventures...

It's that time of year...the time of year that rivals only with the holidays...end of school!

Max only has one more day of school, which is only about an hour for his continuation ceremony. He and his pals are moving on to middle school from elementary school, so there will be a little celebration.  It's happening earlier than Max usually is awake for, so hoping for a couple of photos where he's not sleeping.

Ready for his picnic in his new Batman hat
Today was a picnic at our neighborhood park for the 5th graders.  We walked Max over and all of his wonderful friends came over to say hello to him while they were eating.  After they finished with their eating, however, it was difficult for him to interact since they were all playing in a super saturated field, or on play equipment that didn't work for Max's wheelchair.  So, we said our good-byes and headed back on.

I had to check myself because I was disappointed with how Max couldn't play with the kids, but he was happy and had fun at the picnic.  My expectations and his were different...and I'm glad his were met, since he enjoyed himself.

Once we got home, I was reminded he had another adventure this afternoon.  When he and his speech therapist finish a project, Max gets to have "Max and B Day" as a reward since it usually is a month of working on the project.  Last time he chose a bike ride.  One time he chose a movie.  Today, Max's choice was  a picnic at Whole Foods.....a picnic of chocolate and coffee.

When B got here we walked over in the sunshine, but soon the thunder started rolling.  It's been raining every day for the past two and a half weeks, which is very odd for Colorado.  We went in and Max chose his coffee and chocolate and got B some too.  He's such a gentleman...he wanted to buy B's treats for her too.

We went to sit outside and Max had his tastes of chocolate and drinks of coffee.  He is truly his daddy's son because his momma does not like coffee at all, and Max LOVES it like daddy!

B brought his talker over and he chatted a little bit.  We were listening to some new voices on his talker since he and his friends' voices have moved on from elementary school boy voices and onto middle school boy voices.  We found one Max likes so we'll change it over soon.

The rain started to sprinkle, then started falling down steadily.  We sat under the cover outside while they finished their coffee and chocolate and watched the rain fall.  Max told us he liked the rain getting on his legs and feet.

At some point I realized this was just as special to him as the picnic was.  For Max, his therapists have always been and will always be his friends.  He doesn't see the kids his age every day, they are as much of a novelty to him, as he is to them.  That may always be how it is.  But, for his therapists he sees multiple times a week, he really loves seeing them and counts on their visits together.

We started back home in what we thought would be a break in the rain, but really it was just the final surge!  I got soaked, and B and Max shared the umbrella and only kind of got soaked.  But, Max squealed and laughed the whole way home.  And looked up at his pal to make sure she was having a good adventure like he was too. 

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Thia said...

That was quite the busy day! He must have had a good nap later.