Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Done and Done...

This morning was bittersweet.

I woke Max up far earlier than he's usually ready to wake up.  I put on his new dressy outfit and we made our way to his elementary school for the last time for his 5th grade continuation ceremony.

Before Max started at his elementary school, we had a huge meeting at home with the district administrators, but all of his teachers and administrators from his school came too.  They wanted to make sure we knew they were excited to have Max be a part of their school, even though he can't go to be in the classroom.  That meeting was the first of many moments of feeling included for the first time in Max's life.

The past five years Max has made wonderful friends, and Steve and I have got to meet neighbors and make friends too all because Max was a part of this school.  So often people are so scarred by IEP meetings, and special needs school issues that they can't wait to get out of the school each year.  I know we are lucky, I've heard the awful stories, but Max has been so fortunate that every one of his needs were met at this school.  And they went above what we could have imagined so many times to make sure he was included and knew he was an important part of their community.

We will miss the teachers and administrators, but just might have to go back for visits!  And teachers, you're always welcome to come over for a chat or story time with Max.

Last time in the halls. 

Waiting with his class to get his certificate.

Listening to his princiPAL.

Mommmmmm come on, stop taking pictures! 

Stretching at the end.  He sat through the whole ceremony without complaining.  He just kept taking his shoes off.

With his SSN teacher.  She's been with him every year.  

Saying goodbye to his classroom teacher. 
Class of 2022...I never have thought about that before! 

One more shot of him with the school.

And finally....took his shoes off...SUMMERTIME!!!!

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Elizabeth said...

I have been reading your posts for years and have always been so impressed by Max's activities and how much he is supported at his school. What a wonderful and very special place he has had, and how lucky they are to have had Max as well! Congratulations to all of you and onward!