Friday, May 15, 2015

Birthday boy...

Someone is 4 today.  Max has asked if we could have a party.

George is still such a wonderful friend to Max.  In fact, all day you can find him directly below Max's chair.  That is, when he's not chasing animals outside!

Happy 4th Birthday Monster George Pavaroti!  

Baby puppy George

4 year old George

George offering his duck for Steve's backpacking trip. 

Can you spot George?

In his favorite spot.

Even during school, he's right by his side. 


Rob S said...

Happy birthday George! By the way, love the new header..Max looks cool in those shades!!!!

Elizabeth said...

What an adorable dog! He looks like the black male counterpart to our Valentine!

Deana said...

Thanks Rob or stopping by! Yes, Max is pretty cool in his glasses. :)

Elizabeth poodles make the best friends! He's way too hairy and needs a cut, but everyone loves his big fluffy hair!