Tuesday, April 28, 2015

So Tall...

After a year and a half of working through all the obstacles stopping Max from using his stander, we finally got him vertical today...and WOW...he's SO TALL!

We already knew he had grown, but we had to grow the stander by two sizes in length.  He was so excited to stand up that once he got upright, he didn't want to get out.  We have to limit his time in the stander right now because it has been so long that he will have to get back to where he can stand for long amounts of time.

He did great for the ten minutes he was in the stander today.

He especially loved that he is taller than his sister!

I'm leaning in here but oh my goodness, he's so tall! 

HaHa....he's taller! 

No seriously!  SO TALL!

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Unknown said...

That is awesome! I love his BIG SMILE!