Sunday, May 3, 2015

Weekend Adventures...

We took Max on his first real hike this weekend.  This is a spot Steve and I used to go to before Max was born.  We found a new area of trail on Friday while Max was hanging out with his nurse and knew as soon as we saw it we had to bring Max to check it out.   And were we ever right....he loved it!  Of course, we had to do some adapting to the trail. And as usual, Super Daddy had to use a lot of power at times to get him up the mountain.  But Max had a fun day full of treasures on his first hike.

He couldn't contain his excitement when we took him to the water.  He wanted to get in, but we told him it was way too cold, but we'll have to come back in the summer when it's hot outside.  It was only in the 70's this weekend.  

He really, REALLY wanted to find a bear on this hike.  I bargained with him that maybe they were still snoozing and didn't feel like coming out to see people because it was going to rain later.  Thankfully (for me) we did not see a bear on our hike.  Max is still looking forward to finding one. 

He did get to see this treasure, and bigger than a bear too!  There was a couple riding on the trail and the lady brought her horse over to see Max.  She said he had not ever seen a wheelchair, so she wanted to introduce him to one if it was okay.   Sam the horse was calm and friendly to Max.  He gave Max a kiss on the hand....and then they were on their way.  Happy trails to you, until we meet again, Sam!

 This is the bit I mentioned of Steve hefting Max up the mountain.  I'm always quick to suggest something a little more flat.  Steve just takes off running with him.  They both have that drive in them to do what others say is too difficult.

We finished the hike with a little bit of playing in the water.  Steve got a handful of it and put it on Max's feet.  He did indeed think it was SO COLD!  But he liked it and wanted to play in it more.  Summer-time will be here before we know it!

Two roads diverged in a wood...

Today we got out for a trip to the Botanic Gardens.  The lilac bushes are at their peak, tulips will be gone in another week, and the peonies are just starting to bloom.  This was totally a trip for Momma, but Max and the rest of the family indulged me. 

Max likes to smell the really fragrant flowers.

Here Daddy is at it again taking him where I say he probably can't make it.  

Father and Son 

Mother and Son and Daughter way in the back....she loves the tulips most and was busy taking pictures of them while we took a break to sit down. 

We are all really enjoying the nice weather...and yes, we even love the afternoon rains we've been getting.  It can still snow this time of year, so we've been taking advantage of all the beautiful days and getting out for as many adventures as we can.  

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