Saturday, April 25, 2015

Max's animal treasures...

Spring weather means lots of walks with Max.  We are able to get a few miles a day once all our appointments and meetings are done.

Trees are turning green, and flowers blooming.  And the animals have returned from their winter hiatus.

This means we are living in a wild kingdom!  Not only do we have the usual bunnies, squirrels and birds, but we are seeing foxes, pelicans, river otters, cranes and blue herons lately.

Here are some photos of the animals Max gets to see every day.  He loves when we find a "treasure" on our walks.  Although, he really, really wants to see a giant turtle one of his friends told us about. We're still on the lookout for that dinosaur.

Blue herons like to hide out at the further pond.  This one wasn't looking to stick around when I got too close for a picture. 

The pelicans have returned! I counted 16 this time.

The white crane didn't want to hang around long either.  They must know I'm not one of them. 

Our foxy friend ran off when she saw us turn to go home.  

But she is a friend of the neighborhood because she's busy eating the bunny population that took over in the past couple of years. 

We found her litter living in our neighbor's yard.  

There are 5 fox kits, and they are so adorable and playful.

Steve was able to get video of them playing.  

I hope you've enjoyed our walk about with all the animal treasures Max has found.  

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