Wednesday, March 4, 2015

February 2015...

I've slipped again with posting, haven't I?

I don't think I have more going on than I have in the past.  Maybe I do.  I know our lives seem to be going non-stop!  As soon as Max is out of bed he's got something going all day every day.  Then at night it's the daily routine of cooking/cleaning/running errands.  Then the weekends are spent trying to get out of the house. And at the end of all that, I'm spent and don't feel like blogging!

I think a lot of our regular days are just that...ordinary and regular.  Which is maybe a place I never thought we would get to.  Certainly, there are still moments of - this is so not ordinary or normal, but even that has become ordinary and doesn't seem like something I should write about.

All writers have their blocks, and this year has felt like I have nothing to say.  My mind is preoccupied with a lot of things outside of the internet world.  And those things aren't ready to make it to the world wide web.  Someday, maybe.  But for now, I'll keep them to myself, my family and friends.

We will continue to let you know of all the great things Max does...and you'll probably see more of that on his Facebook page than on here for a while still.  Of course, I will try to keep the pictures coming, but my words fail me at this time.  So, until they're back.....Here is February in pictures.

Max and B went to check out his Whole Foods.  He was proud to show it off to her. 

We had unseasonably warm weather in February, which meant park fun with cousin. 

Max loves to get ice cream and coffee with dad at the train station in Denver. 

Max watching his fish tank during art time. 

This was just adorable.  I never tire of seeing him sleep in the morning. 

Max has started a new trend of trading his music instruments with Ms. Laura.  This week he had traded his glockenspiel for her chimes.  Through February he ended up keeping more than he traded to her.  I think they are on to a one to one trade now.  

Another day at the park.

Max got a new fuzzy lambs wool for him to sit on when he is having a rash on the backs of his knees.  

Friends visited and Max and got to listen to music during physical therapy.  Max always loves listening to Uncle Benji's music and he got a big kick out of listening to it live!

B surprised Max by bringing her banjo over for him to play and listen to.  He tried to do a trade with her, but she couldn't leave her only instrument!!

Friends and their sons.  

Max's new hat from my uncle...I don't think his little peanut head will ever fit in this hat.  
There we go friends.  I've got February covered.  I'll see how March goes and if I can get more writing done.  Chances are, we'll continue doing life and catch up here now and then.

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Elizabeth said...

Max is looking more handsome than ever. I always love hearing of his activities and all the things he's learning, so post on!