Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Max has been in full swing this holiday season!  He saw Santa, he's seen lights and trees, and listened to music.  He's made requests for what he would like for Christmas and what he wants to get his family.  Today, we finished making cards for his grandparents to get their packages off to them.

It struck me this year how much he's grown.

My not so little guy's handprint is HUGE! We will see more lights, and make more treats, and get and give more gifts before the big day next week.  But until then, we'll be enjoying life, celebrating the holidays and hope you all will be too. 


Unknown said...

I'm so happy that you're having a fun and healthy holiday season! xoxo!!

Elizabeth said...

I plan on doing nothing next week except for enjoying the tree, the lights and some baking. And Max's hand does look ENORMOUS! He has grown so much, hasn't he, in the last couple of years. I hope the year ahead brings continued growth and health for him and all of your family.