Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving wrap-up...

We are thankful around here!  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, and now Max is loving the beauty of Christmas in his house.

We took over Max's schoolroom - which is actually the dining room to host Thanksgiving.  We're always grateful for everyone who comes to us so we can enjoy holidays with our people.  Moving Max's big chair from the living room to the dining room took two of the guys, but it made it possible for the big guy to join us for Thanksgiving dinner.

"Baby A" playing Max the piano while he sang along. 

We spent "Black Friday" as far away from stores as possible...that is just not our thing.  Instead, we took care of some business, setting up a bank account for our new non-profit, cleaning up after the feast and excitement around the house, and enjoying the gorgeous weather outside. 

I love it when he looks at me when I ask!

Shorts and t-shirt on the day after Thanksgiving!
Max never gets to go down the "fun hill" on his bike rides because it's just too steep for his bike.  But, when we're going for a walk, Daddy makes sure to take him on all the fun hills. 

The walk was gorgeous!  We had so many neighbors out putting up their decorations.  We'll have to get ours down today and see what we come up with for decorations out front. When we got home, the sun was starting to set, and we got quite a show!

From our back yard, sunset in November.
Last night, we set up our Christmas tree, and made Max one very happy boy.  So happy that he wanted to wake up at 6:30 this morning to get up to be with his tree.  He has his lights on, Christmas music playing...and thoughts of Fireman Santa coming this week to make him very happy indeed!

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Elizabeth said...

Oh, I love that photo of Max under the twinkly lights of the tree. It looks so cozy and wonderful.