Friday, November 21, 2014

Max Supporting Our Troops...

To go along with Max's appreciation of all things "Officer" right now, we suggested he might like to meet some more officers who are in the military.  We were talking about how some officers have to go live away from their families for a long time to keep us safe at home.

Max agreed we should send them some treats from their home for the holidays.  We contacted his pal, and eye doctor, who also is a Brigadier General. He got us in contact with a local organization, Colorado Supporting Our Troops.   They were at the moment collecting supplies to send in stockings to the unit of Military Police from Colorado stationed overseas.

Max wanted to send chocolate, but we went off the list and loaded up on gum.  Our neighborhood pitched in and we had enough for all of them.

We had a few neighbors add more things to the shipment. 

Max wrote a letter for a new friend, and off it all went.  We think it will mean a new pal for him to write to.  

Contact Colorado Supporting Our Troops, or seek out a local to your area organization that sends packages to our military.   We can all appreciate their sacrifice. And for us, sending some gum to make them think of home is the least we can do.

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