Thursday, October 30, 2014

On Being 10...

I started looking through pictures tonight, to try to find just the right one for this post.  Maybe I should have had a box of tissues nearby, because it's hard to keep dry eyes when I go through the photos of your life this past year.

What an exceptional, incredible year you have had, Max.  This is the first year of your life you have not had a single stay in the hospital.  No emergency room visits.  No long illnesses.  No seizures. You have grown, and gotten so big and strong.  Being 10 has been so great.  It took you a while, but my son, this year you LIVED!  You played.  You made music, and art.  You tried new things, and met new friends.  You became an honorary police officer, and became a groupie to more than a couple bands.

With the hundreds of photos I have taken of you this year, this one sums up this year the most to me.

This is you at your special concert with your favorite singer, Jack Johnson.  You were dancing and singing under the stars to your favorite song.  I'm so grateful for another year with you, as always. But this year, I'm so, so, so grateful for the incredible life you've got to have.  There have been so many years we've met this date with a lump in our throats, because it marked another year of illness, or started another year of the unknown.  I'm happy you're happy, and healthy.

I'm happy the only thing I have to worry about tonight is finishing your Halloween costume - you designed yourself - and preparing the snacks for your classroom Halloween party.   Daddy is busy getting your toys ready to open in the morning...with a little creativity on his part, to make them work with a switch, you can play with them in your own way.   These mundane things are pure bliss to us.  It means you're at your best.  It means we get to enjoy life with you, all the little things.  And celebrate you the way we always dreamed we would.

Happy 11th Birthday to our beautiful Max.  The world is better because you were born.

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