Friday, March 7, 2014

Expressive Wednesday...

Sometimes enough time goes by where I can't adequately update all that has gone on in between posts. As it seems to be working out these days, Friday is my one day to sit down and carve out some time for Max's webpage.  He is a busy guy with therapy and school all day every day.  It would seem if he's occupied, I could do something then.  But, if Max is occupied I am usually assisting in some way, since he does all school and therapy at home.  If I am able to step away, I try to email or call doctors, pharmacies, insurance companies, teachers, case managers, etc..., there isn't a lot of kicking up of feet around here.  Except on Friday.  That's the one day we do not get out of our bed clothes until noon, and can just sit down and relax most of the day!

That being said, I do have some photos and stories to update for today.

Max had a neurology appointment on Wednesday this week.  It all went well, and we finally got to take Max completely off the Keppra he's been on for a few years.  We've replaced it with another medicine which has stopped his seizures for now, as the Keppra has stopped working.   He also ordered a few tests to see how much Max's brain has grown in the past couple of years.

Wednesday was also "Expressive Wednesday".  Max had music and art therapy on Wednesday. Despite leaving the house at 6:45 for our early appointment at the hospital, he gave it his all for music and art.

If you were wondering just how big Max's feet are these days, they can span from E to E.
Do, Re, Mi....Toe?

He still prefers to strum with his feet, but they're so strong he now needs to use socks so he doesn't hurt his feet!

In art he chose yellow, in every medium she had.  Paint, crayon, marker, and watercolor.

He did the same with purple.  He wanted to hold the purple marker by himself.  The significance of Max's holding anything with his hand is he would NEVER grasp anything in Occupational Therapy.  As soon as he started Art therapy, he wanted to hod the paintbrushes and markers. 

He was proud of his work this week. I think we'll start a series of color pages.  He liked seeing how they all were different shades, but the same color.  He worked on his purple page while I read him Where The Wild Things's still his favorite. 

He signed both of his pieces with his own special signature.  I like the yellow A, it looks like a start to me.

We will now commence with our lazy Friday.  We have cartoons to watch, music to dance to, and rain to enjoy.  Maybe I'll even be able to schedule a couple extra posts to get this page fully up to date!  

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