Saturday, March 15, 2014

Bagpipes at home...

I've talked before about Max's love of bagpipes here.  There are days when the last thing I care to play for hours on end is the pipe and drummer station on Pandora.  Those seem to be the days when Max wants just that to soothe him.  He responds differently to the bagpipe than he does other types of music. He goes to another place when he hears the bagpipes.  You can read about an incredible experience we had last summer with a random piper in Boulder to get a better idea of Max's love of the instrument.

Little Bitty Max singing along to bagpipes in London
This morning a neighbor emailed to our neighborhood list about her husband being willing to drop by for any parties to play the bagpipes this weekend.  I jumped on the opportunity and asked if he would come by to play for Max.  His band usually plays at our local Irish pub in our neighborhood, but it's so difficult to get Max in the crowded pub when they play.  The St. Patrick's Day parade is also difficult to get Max to because of poor parking, and the crowds...we are still in respiratory season, and crowds are still off limits.  This was the perfect solution to our lack of bagpipes for Max!

We worked out a time for him to come by this afternoon, and got to surprise Max with it.  He had a few of his groupies come along for his personal bagpipe concert.  He talked about it all evening, and wanted the videos played over and over again.  I think the Michael Collins Pipes & Drums have a new #1 fan.

We didn't tell Max what was coming...he could hear it!

Of course he loved it!

Thank you Bagpiper Bill for bringing the music to Max!

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Elizabeth said...

I find his fascination for bagpipes so interesting, and I can totally understand that you might have to step in every now and then and turn off the music. Just the other day, I was trying really hard to withstand the sounds of pop music and lite rap in my car, and I finally couldn't take it anymore, said so and switched to REAL music!