Friday, January 17, 2014

Expressive Wednesday...

We had an expressive Wednesday this week.  Max's favorite kind of Wednesday.  

He had music and art therapy!

In music therapy, Max played the drum for a while along to Ms. Laura playing the piano.  Then he moved to playing the piano with her.  We are still experimenting with the best way for him to access his piano.  He can't easily get up to it with his hands.  It's not tall enough to pull his wheelchair under it. And his hands aren't very strong.  So, he prefers to use his feet to play the piano.  It's pretty remarkable how nimble he is with his toes!

In art therapy, he made something special for Daddy, and then wanted to paint with his hands.  He kept throwing the paintbrush down and sticking his fingers in the paint.  Once we let him have at it, he was much happier and spent most of the hour smashing and smooshing his yellow paint around.  

You can see how he starts with a tight fist, and eventually ends up with relaxed open hands pushing the paint around.  He was really expressive in speech therapy and school this week too.  I'll post more on that in a couple of days, since it focused on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day activities and lessons.  

We are hoping to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather we have in store this weekend!  Hopefully it will be lovely where you are too!

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