Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Mountain...

Max's sticker reward this week was a small one, but may be his all time favorite.  There is a park in Denver which is his park, which was his choice for reward this week. 

We haven't been in a while, with the holidays and snowy, cold weather.  Today was his day for a park run and he loved every minute of it. 

We drive 30 minutes to this park, we get Max out of his van, and we walk around the large pond.  We see dogs, and joggers, and families walking and biking.  Max is typically the only person in a wheelchair there.  Aside from the occasional hand-cyclist taking the same route around the pond.  

Some may think it's silly to drive so far for a walk around a pond.  We have beautiful scenery right by our house.  But, there is something special about this park.  His park.

We had a late start this afternoon and reached the park as the sun was setting.  The sun was dancing on the water, and the shadows went on forever.  

At one point I turned to see our family stretched out, the sun meeting us and casting this long shadow on the path beside us.  Max was watching as we walked, and I snapped the photo.

It looks to me he alone is casting the shadow of a mountain, but it's all four of us in that shadow.  There has to be some analogy of strength and mountains there...but really, it's just a boy, at his park, with his family behind him, and beside pushing him onwards.  


Thia said...

A family is a strong force.

Jim and Diana said...

This family is a strong force!!