Friday, October 25, 2013

Monster Blood Drive...

Today was the day for our friends, family and neighbors to come out to give blood in honor of Max, for Children's Hospital Colorado.

Max's emergency surgery on Monday changed our plans a bit, in that we could not hang out with him the whole time at the blood drive to see everyone.  We were able to get over in the morning and visit the people who were there, and stop in to see the staff at Cornerstone Pediatric Dentistry. They were a huge help in sorting out the permissions to park the blood mobile in their parking lot and offering up a restroom for the staff.

Steve was able to give a donation of blood as the first donor.

photo 3
(Thanks neighbor Steve for taking Steve's picture and bringing over the delicious cookies!)

When he came back we walked together over with Max to visit with the donors and staff.

We had neighbors,
(Neighbor Marc, a regular blood donor, gave to Children's for the first time today.  We had mostly neighbors and parents from Max's school fill our donation spots.  We live in an incredible neighborhood and Max's school, once again showed to be so supportive!)

We had friends,
(Max's buddy,Cici, sent her mom, Jenny for a donation!)

We had family,
(Auntie Angie surprised Max with a visit after her donation, which he's been talking about all afternoon.  He loves his cousin Addie, but really REALLY loves his alone time with Auntie Angie!)

We had therapists and nurses of Max's,
(Ms. Brittany, Max's Speech therapist got the biggest smile out of him this morning.  Thank you also to Ms. Laura and Nurse Melissa for coming out!)

We are continually honored by Max's fans.  You all help us through such difficult times, but also, you are always there to celebrate with us too.  Thank you to EVERYONE who came out.  And thank you to everyone who wants to give next time...we'll hold you to it!

You helped us celebrate and give back to the hospital that has helped keep this awesome guy here to celebrate a big 10th birthday next week!


Elizabeth said...

Your community of friends is so rich -- I'm happy for you for that!

SuperKPG said...

My friends made up a story about the holiday 'Birthdoween' (my birthday is on Nov 1st... ) - found your blog searching on the word - thought I'd share, maybe Max would appreciate it!