Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Courage to Ride...

It's finally started to feel cool at night again.  Being a mile high to the sun, the summer heat is just miserable to our guy who seems to melt when we're outside in the 90+ degree weather.  This week, as the sun sets, we've been taking him on bike rides.

He's had his bike now for 2 years.  It is still up there on his top 5 favorite things to do in life.  He especially likes it when he and Dad-Dad ride because he will go much faster than safe and scaredy cat Momma will.

(Stopping to take in a beautiful Rocky Mountain sunset.)

This week, as we've taken him out, I've found myself being extra rusty on the bike.  When riding with Max, I have gotten into the habit of using the power assist far more than I realized.  I've been letting Steve and Max have their flying time, and I've been on my bike pedaling away to keep up.

Last night I mapped out how far our ride was, and it came in just under six miles.  Max would have gone around another time, but it was time for getting ready to go to bed.  As my thighs were grumbling at me, I thought about how difficult that seemed.  How out of shape I felt.  How I must ride every day now to build up my endurance with the flying boys on their magic bike.

Then I stopped to think about my friends, Heather and Maria.  They are gearing up this week to ride the Courage Classic through the mountain passes of Colorado.  They have both been training, along with 50 other teammates to ride 157 miles in three days, to raise money for Children's Hospital Colorado.  They will be able to designate the money raised to the Mitochondrial Clinic, and Special Care Clinic at Children's.

Heather gets on her bike every day to train, in memory of her daughter Samantha.  Samantha passed away nearly 3 years ago from Mitochondrial Disease.  Heather rides, and raises funds to keep her daughter's legacy going.

Maria gets on her bike every day to train, in honor of her son Jacob.  Jacob is a true fighter, with a multitude of difficulties due to Mitochondrial Disease.

First, they ride for their own.  But, it is never far from their minds the rest of the kids who they ride for.

Each year, Heather asks for pictures of Max, and all his buddies to put in her fundraising video.  Because they ride for their own, AND Max, and all his buddies.

So, as I putter around my 6 mile rides, I'll think of Heather and Maria pushing far harder than I can imagine raising funds for kids at Children's Hospital this weekend.  And be thankful they have the drive to do it.  And maybe, just maybe if I can get past six miles without complaining, one day I will ride too.

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Elizabeth said...

I love the photo of Max on his Duet. And I so understand the need to really get out there and exercise, get stronger -- for ourselves as people and as mothers of our kids. I remember Heather and her beautiful Samantha. What a wonderful woman --