Friday, July 12, 2013

Dr. Check-ups...

For Max's birthday (5th I think) his Aunty Angie bought him this little monster that buzzes around and sings "There's a party in my tummy, so yummy so yummy, yummy yummy."  Like all good Aunties do, she found the most obnoxious toy and gave it to him.  For a few years, he loved this crazy toy bouncing around and annoying his momma.  But, recently, it's become a "baby toy" and he wanted to pass it on.

To get an idea of just how exciting this toy sounded, take a listen to the video whence it came.

Yo Gabba Gabba! (There's a Party in my Tummy !) by Materialiste

Max decided only one person could think this toy was cool enough to be the next owner.  Dr. J., his gastroenterologist.  We got to see Dr. J. this week for a well check-up...the best kind of visits.  Max's GI issues are a sleeping dragon right now, that we're all tip-toeing around to be sure it doesn't wake.  He's had a really good run with good health, and we're all so pleased.  After Max's exam, which he slept through, I handed Max the Tummy Monster to give to Dr. J., who has helpfully changing Max's diaper.   I gave it a bump to make it start bouncing around and singing his song.


Max woke up and smiled at Dr. J., pleased with his choice of new recipients of his toy.  Dr. J. loved it, and gave Max a hug for it.  I can imagine the Tummy Monster making an appearance to other kids in the hospital who might a giggle about the party in their tummies.


Max's check-ups were really great this week.  He's a whopping 74 pounds, that's a whopping 20 pounds heavier since February, people...20 POUNDS GAIN!!!  I still have 6 pounds until I reach my arbitrary number at which I stop lifting Max.  I doubt I'll stop lifting him at 80 pounds...maybe  I'll bump that to 90 pounds.  But, then, I'd better start lifting weights if he's going to keep it up at this rate!! I have to admit, I do love his poofy cheeks.  All the better to give kisses to.



Elizabeth said...

I love the idea of passing along a favorite toy that also happens to be obnoxious -- to a doctor. That being said, I stopped and held my breath when you mentioned that YOUR doctor was actually helping to change Max's diaper. That, in our world, is profound.

Deana said...

Dr. J. is definitely special in that area. He's our only doctor that will change Max's diaper and always insists on moving him from his wheelchair to the exam table. We express our amazement and appreciation that he does and he in turn always expresses his amazement that he's the only one. :)

Maria said...

We love Dr. J too! He and Dr. E. are the only ones who have ever changed a diaper on our boy too. You should start coming to body pump with me with Max's weight gain! It is absolutely the best way to keep me carrying Jacob for years to come. In one hour, I strength train my whole body (and all to good music). Let me know, if you are interested!