Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A boy and his bike...

Max was awake and giggly all night long last night. He was excited for this...


Two large boxes from Frank Mobility. They held his biggest wish from Make A Wish Colorado.

Once I hauled the long skinny box up our stairs, I got to work taking the tacks out of the large box. Steve was out taking our dog to the groomer, and they delivered a good 2 hours earlier than they said they would.

I think our neighbor heard or saw my feeble attempts at moving it by myself and came over to help me get it up the stairs. Once up the stairs, I was able to get it the rest of the way in the house. And Max got to see his bike for the first time.


Steve and big sis Abbey got right to work getting it put together while Max ate in the livingroom.

We decided to finish the assembly where Max could watch too, so we brought it into the living room for him to supervise.

All assembled, it was time to try it out!

First to get all buckled in and safe.

Come on!

And don't forget the helmet, yellow of course!

Wooo hoooo let's go!!

Time to switch drivers, but Max wants more.

A million thank you's to Make A Wish for granting such a wonderful wish for our boy. He loves riding his yellow bike, and we'll all get to enjoy many many fun times together as a family because of it.


Unknown said...

Awesome! So did you get the choice of yellow...or was that a happy accident? The bike is amazing and I am so happy Max has it!

Deana said...

It was a happy coincidence!

James Petticrew said...

These made me cry, but that mostly was because of that union jack helmet! .... only jokin, how utterly wonderful

Lauren said...

Yay, Max! You get to full rushing-wind-through-your-hair effect up front. And you look so cool doing it! Awesome helmets, by the way.

Deana said...

James, I knew you'd like the helmet. Find me a St. Andrews Cross and I'll wear it too.

Lauren, he loves it! Although, his cool helmet is mostly just giving him helmet hair, more than letting the wind blow through his hair. We'll have to settle for the wind between his toes!

Thia said...

Smiley! Fantastic! What adventures there will be!