Tuesday, June 18, 2013

We're the lucky ones...

Max's teacher (3rd grade) texted me yesterday morning.  It was after pulling an all-nighter with a boy who was ramping up for seizures all day.  Needless to say it made me a little teary to know she was just thinking of Max and hoping he was having a good summer.  I told her at the end of the school year how I wished we could clone her for the rest of Max's school years, and I mean that!  But, then...all of Max's teachers have been just as great, so I know next year will be great too.

I felt like that little bit of background needed to be said before I could write the rest of this post.  You see, I've been seeing this photo making the rounds on Facebook.

The story is about a 2nd grade class photo, and the not so inclusive set-up for the little boy in the wheelchair.   Sure, the wheelchair wouldn't fit by the bleachers.  Sure, he's in the picture.  Sure, he's leaning in by himself to be a part of the class.  But, it's clear...he is not included.  

Seeing this picture has made me think of Max's class picture.  Max couldn't go for class pictures because of the time of year they take them.  They always happen right in the height of cold and flu season.  So, when Max is able to go to school at the end of the school year for the end of school year activities, his teacher made sure Max got a class picture. 

The kids argued a bit over who got to stand by Max.   They wanted him right in the middle.  They wanted to make sure he was included.  

Yes, I'd say we're the lucky ones.   How we ended up at this school, with such amazing teachers and students was by chance.  We didn't do any research into the best school for Max, because I never really thought he'd be a part of it all.  But his classmates love him.  They all get so excited when he gets to come to school.  And his teachers always make sure he's right in the middle of them all.  

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Elizabeth said...

That photo and the story was so horrible, and I totally understood it. That being said, though, our experience with Sophie has been one of general inclusion, too.