Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dad-Dad Day...

Happy Father's Day to the Dad-Dad at our house. I could gush and go on and on about how perfect of a father Steve is to Max, but he wouldn't want that.  But, we all know he's really a super-hero daddy to Max, and Abbey.

He started Father's Day splitting all night duty with me, since Max was gearing up for a seizure day.  Father's Day was pretty low-key, but once we got the seizure monster calmed, we got out to the water for a bit, and had a nice afternoon.



There is something about the sound of moving water that calms our boy like nothing else can.  Good thing we can find these little hidden pockets around us to take him to.

He ended the day happy and the seizures have stopped.  It's a fun week ahead, as summer classes start up!

I wonder what he'll think of school during summer break!?


Anonymous said...

So happy to hear that it was a great day
I loved the photos particularly the last one

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful photos of your gentle family --