Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer School...

Max has started with Extended School Year...aka, Summer School.  He's did better this week, than he did last week with staying awake and engaged.

He played a money game on the computer.  He was using his talker computer with his elbow switches, and activating the switch on the tray as well.  I have never seen him activate his talker and another device at the same time, it reminded me of a one man band!  He did a great job getting his thoughts across and choosing the right amount of coins on the computer game.   Now that we know he's able to do this, it should open up more opportunities for him to activate games and software on the computer for school.


Max also started a new book, Geronimo Stilton.   It's about a mouse, and his sister, and cousin who go on a boat ride to find a least that's what I picked up in between phone calls and cleaning the kitchen.

While he listened to the story, he colored pictures of the characters.  He told us the colors he wanted for everyone's clothes, you can see he has quite a colorful sense of style for mouse characters! When the story talked about "Benjamin" the little mouse, Max said "My, mine", making the connection with his cousin of the same name.


At the end of school, Mrs. S. asked if he liked the book, and he said he did, but wouldn't answer her about if he thought they would find the treasure.  He also gave her a sneaky grin about finding out the ending before she came back.  She was teasing him about not asking his friends the ending of the book, since they were reading it this summer too.  He told her with his talker, "Like. My friends."  We're going to have to get him out of this cold house and find some friends to hear about the rest of that story!


Debbie said...

Hey Max!
I'm so proud of you and glad you can show everybody how smart you are! I hope you love the Geronimo Stilton books! He's an interesting fellow.
Here's a math question for you...
Geronimo Stilton found 35 cents on the sidewalk. One of the coins was a quarter. Another coin was a nickel. What could the other coins be?
The Arnn family loves the Watson's!

Elizabeth said...

I just love hearing about what Max is up to and feel so awed and proud of what he accomplishes! My boys both loved the Gernonimo Stilton books when they were Max's age -- they really are quite charming.