Saturday, April 27, 2013

Maestro Max...

Max has been hard at work on his school mini-society project.  He finished it up this week, and had to submit a sample of to his class for market analysis.

Max is making a cd of original songs that he has composed and performed as his product.  His classmates listened to his music and this is some of the feedback he got.

"I really liked the genre of your music, I would buy your cd."

"I would buy it because I think it's cool you actually played it."

"I like the music because it's all different instruments."

"It sounds jazzy and I've never heard music like that, I would buy your cd."

"I thought the rhythm was good."

"I play the piano too, I liked the way you play piano, Max."

"I really liked your music because it was really nice, and I can't play music that nice."

"I liked it because it was very unique.  I would definitely buy one."

Out of 27 students, 26 said they will buy his cd.  And they liked the "genre" which they thought was jazzy.

At the beginning of this project, Max told us his "job" in mini-society would be a jazz singer.

The lone voice who didn't like the song was one of the softest spoken girls in the class.  When the ipad got around to her to tell Max what she thought of the song she said, "Um, hi Max.   Max, I really didn't like your song, because it kept going on and on and I didn't...well, it's not my favorite music."  I asked if she was going to "buy" his cd and she said, "no, I won't buy it."

All comments are equally incredible.  There is no special treatment with these kids, it's just the truth.  And I love that!

Max decided his cd will cost in mini-society money, $20.  We are going to be making the cd's to be sold at mini-society, and then will make them available on his website for sale for real money, to fund more music therapy, since it was through his amazing music therapist that he has been able to make this entire cd to share with us all.  I can't listen to it without getting teary.  So, stay tuned...the maestro will be sharing his tunes soon with the masses!

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CSIAmanda said...

Cool sounds like you are really talented Max... well of course you are.

I can't wait to hear