Monday, April 29, 2013


A few months ago, we were introduced to a group of freshmen from the University of Colorado Engineering Dept. to do a project for Max.  We asked if they would to do a wheelchair that could go over rougher terrain than his current wheelchair.  They met with us a few times, getting a lot of measurements for the chair itself. They also got to visit with Max to see how he moves and how long he is!

We gave them Max's old wheelchair, which was going unused since he got his new wheelchair in February.  They took some pieces off, and put some new pieces on, and came up with a great new piece of equipment for Max!

On Saturday, the weather was absolute perfection and we got to go to their design studion on the campus of CU to see the finished product.




They took the small wheels off and put on large mountain bike tires on the back.  On the front, they attached a piece from a baby jogger and added a front wheel.


They added some cushion for the ride to be more smooth, and a light for us to use at night.  They wil be adding a few more things here and there since they got to see Max in it and see that he needed some extra protection for his hands to not touch the wheels, and some bars in the back so the chair can't flip back when we tip it to swivel him around. 

Steve handed Max to me and they guys helped him get his new Aspen seat into the new chair. 

Steve took Frankenchair for a spin before putting Max in it, just to make sure it would be steady. 

(Gosh Max looks huge!  I never see him from that vantage point since I'm holding him!)

We got Max all set up, and off he went for a test drive.



I took him over to the grass, to see how it did on some of the rougher terrain.  It was absolutely smooth, like a bike really!  

The team followed taking photos and videos, and making sure that Max was safe by watching his hands while I steered.  

Here is a photo they sent to us of them taking it on campus in the snow to test it out.

Thank you so much Team 5 Guys!  You have given us a really wonderful tool to help get Max out and about!  It will be so much easier to take him hiking through trails on his new Frankenchair!  

Thank you, also to their professor for getting in touch with me about having a project made for Max.  And to Aspen Seating for working with them to make sure his new seat would fit seamlessly into both chairs!  We will get Frankenchair to keep once they get their final grade on it, and they make the few adjustments.  Max was ready to take it home on Saturday!

This time, it took a village of very smart people to give Max a means to get out and play in our beautiful state.  


Elizabeth said...

That is totally awesome and a rockin wheelchair.
The guys on the team did a wonderful job--very impressive.
So glad Max has a chair that can take the rough hits needed.

Unknown said...

I am so proud of my students and so happy that they made something that Max may be able to use this! Thank you Deana and Steve for working with us this semester. I hope I get to teach this again soon and will happily work with you guys again. Go Max ;)


Elizabeth said...

Oh, send those boys out west!

Deana said...

Thanks Ginger! We can't wait to get it and try it out on different areas.

Elizabeth, call up your local uni and see if their engineering dept. would do something similar!

Junior said...

this is awesome, Junior would love it. Have fun Max.