Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bribes, singing, and puppy love...

Today during speech therapy, Max got to take a little field trip around the neighborhood.  The weather is finally starting to feel like Spring and we needed to get out in it!

His therapist walked beside him while I pushed him around according to his directions.  We would tell him which way directions were, and he would tell us where to go with his computer talker.

It was a little bumpy in his wheelchair, so sometimes he would select something he didn't want to, but he did have some neat things to say while we were out.

The first thing he noticed was "color".  Then he said "Colorado".

After that, he was busy giving directions.  He's been learning North South East West in school, so he was putting that knowledge to work.  He took us to two parks in the neighborhood, and toward the mountains (west...mountains are always west, that's how he knows the other directions.)

It was a fun way to motivate him to use his talker, especially since he's been so sleepy during therapy recently!

Yesterday, I asked him to stay awake for music therapy and school, to make some money for his school  mini-society project.  His classmates are doing little chores in the classroom like keeping their areas clean, picking up their back-packs, etc., so Max needed something to do a good job at so he could make some play money like his classmates.  So far, it's worked to ask him to try his hardest to stay awake during his therapies and school times to make his "money".

During music therapy, he sang along with Mrs. Laura.  He is Mr. Piano Man.

He did such a fine job of staying awake, by the time therapy and school was over, he was ready for a lay down while the nurse came for a visit.  While she was taking his vitals, George thought he needed to make sure she knew who Max belonged to. 




They still love each other much.  

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Elizabeth said...

He looks so peaceful in those photos -- beautiful boy.