Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Collection...

It has been a crazy productive week around here.  Two doctors appointments, lots of follow-up phone calls and emails, and I even got a sewing project done.  It is AMAZING what all I can get accomplished without back to back appointments all week long.  I need one spring break a month, I think!

I got a new sewing machine for Christmas.  This new fancy sewing machine has sat in it's box in our guest bedroom since Christmas because I haven't had the time to figure it out yet.  I made a plan to do just that this week.  And it took me until today to do it, but I got it figured out after watching a few YouTube videos, and lots of texts to my mom asking where and what and how things went.  With the increase of Max's seizure medicine, he's been a little sleepy today, so I let him snooze while I got to work on this project.

Max's shirts have been looking pretty worn lately.  I make an adapted t-shirt for him, out of onesies, and t-shirts sewn together.  The last time I made them was last year.  In fact, in that old blog post from 2010, he still has the green shirt that he wears.  I make them longer than he needs, because he doesn't ever fill out enough to grow out of the width of the shirts.  But, the snaps were falling off, and stretching out, and smelling slobbery gross.  So, I set out to make Max's Spring Collection.

As you can see, this season's theme is all about tie-dye and Batman.


The skinny leg you see there is our wannabe-model, George.  He needed to be right in the middle of this activity, because surely if it required so much of my attention, it must be something he would also be interested in.

I still have a couple more that I want to make for him, and since some days he can easily go through three outfit changes, it will be great to have a new selection!

The new sewing machine works like a I just have to learn how to do more than sew a straight line.  Like, follow a pattern! I really want to get to the point that I can make Max shorts and bottoms, since all he likes to wear are soft, thin elastic wasted shorts and bottoms.

It's been a great Spring Break...and we'll finish it off with some outside fun this weekend, before school and therapies starts back up next week.  


Junior said...

love this, fantastic idea. Would you be willing to share a tutorial on this on our adaptions blog?

Deana said...

Heidi, the link I posted in the blog, gives a step by step, that was back in 2010, but I still do it the same. You can link to it if you want, or I can write up a new one.

Junior said...

thanks so much, I am getting ready to try making one for Junior.

Deana said...

Let me know how it turns out! I buy the largest onesies at Walmart or target, I think size 18 months. But they stretch! I cut right under the armpit.

Elizabeth said...

I bought some amazing adaptive stuff at the Abilities Expo a couple of weeks ago -- drool cloths, bibs, etc. You should think about selling these!