Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Max's Yellow Chair...

While waiting for the final adjustments to be made on Max's new wheelchair this afternoon, I was visiting with his DME supplier.  He's known Max now for about 6 years, and has seen him grow in and out of equipment.   We were laughing about how quickly Max got this chair.  It may have been the quickest we've ever gotten a piece of equipment...and it only took about 5 months.

Max chose his yellow wheelchair back in October, and yes, 5 months is really quick to get a piece of equipment. Last week, he got the second fitting for the Aspen Seating System.   I wrote about the first visit, and how this seat is molded exactly to Max's body shape to give him the best support possible.

The second visit was a lot of sitting Max in the chair, then laying him down while they tweaked his seat, armrests, leg lengths...etc.

(Week 2 in process)

Everything on his chair is customized to his needs.  When we came in today, we saw they got it spot on!

Once we got him in his new chair, he sat up straighter than I have ever seen him sit.  Max loves to sit up tall, and proud, and this chair helps him do that.  We all kept remarking that we just couldn't believe how tall he is in it!

(The pillow was there to protect his feet while they were working on the foot box pieces. )

He has a new tray which will stay on securely (his current one falls off all the time, making school time a little too exciting sometimes!).  He even has pads on the tray to rest his arms.

They also crafted these arm guards to keep him from moving his little arms back behind the chair.  They double as switch plates for his talker switches. Now they will always be in the same place, and he'll know exactly where to go for them.


If you are looking for a great seating system, look up Aspen Seating, here in Colorado.  Look at their webpage and see all the amazing pieces of equipment they make for people around the world.  Yet another fantastic resource we have right in our back yard.


Thia said...

He is so tall! Is he excited about his new chair?

Rob S said...

Wow! those elbow switches are COOL!!! all the best to you monster max!

Rob From MI

Rob S said...

Wow! those elbow switches are COOL!!! all the best to you monster max!

Rob From MI