Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Thanksgiving...

Our Thanksgiving was a lovely one.

We got up, and watched the parade.  Max sang along to the Sesame Street float, "I'll be getting stronger".  That's his song, you know. 

We nearly missed Santa Claus at the end, because I had the t.v. turned down talking to our local fire department.  On a whim, I entered Max into a lottery to have a special visit from Santa Claus to our house on an old fashioned fire truck.  Out of the many, many families who entered the lottery, Max was one of the kids who won.  So, Max gets to have a very special visit from Santa Claus to his house in a couple of weeks!!  I was so excited and felt a little teary thinking about how this is the first year Max has been even remotely interested in Santa Claus, and here he is coming to his house for a visit on a firetruck! 

We made it through the parade, and called family to wish them a Happy Thanksgiving, while I made sandwiches for our picnic. 

We went to the zoo, and since it was beautiful weather, we were not so alone at the zoo.  We did get to see everything we wanted to, except for the snake house.  Just a few too many people there to go inside the snake house.  

The first stop in the zoo is always to the lions, Max's favorite.  I think he can most easily see them, and they are "yellow".  They were a little more active than we usually see them, and we got quite a show when they started roaring.  Something that Max hasn't ever experienced.  

Max also to experience a first while we were there this time.  His first time on a carousel, which is completely wheelchair accessible! 

Steve stood by him, and Abbey and I rode behind him.  (And yes, I did get a little motion sickness, much to the amusement of Steve and Abbey!)

He asked for more more more!  (The sock is on his hand to keep him from scratching his eyes and face.)

This mountain goat kept saying Maaaaaaaa Maaaaaaaaaa Maaaaaaaa, so of course, we told Max he was calling his name.  

We all had a lot of fun!

Abbey's favorite is always the elephants, so she was really excited to get to see the new elephant exhibit. 

That's where this guy was hanging out, and putting on quite a show. 

This guy too, he was busy eating. 

On our way out, of the elephant exhibit, we stopped to take a picture for our Indian friends of Max with lord Ganesha.  

We stopped at the gift shop at the end, as we always do, where Max and Abbey each found toys that were way too big to bring home. 


We ended the afternoon with a picnic at the park, then back home to have our Thanksgiving dinner of Indian curry and dosa.  It was awesome!  I didn't miss the turkey and dressing one bit.  Especially since I didn't have to cook it. 

We played games, and turned on the Christmas music.  

Friday we skipped Black Friday sales, and went straight for putting up decorations.  

Max loves all of the flashy lights.  It always makes us wonder why we don't have them up year round!  We all sit in the quiet and watch the lights dance!

All in all, it's been a great Thanksgiving weekend, and a great start to our holiday season.  Back to the real world in another day, but we have Santa to look forward to!


Junior said...

Happy Thanksgiving Max, looks like you had a super, fantastic day.

Smithsholidayroad said...

Looks like some beautiful family time xxx lovely to catch up with Max :)

Elizabeth said...

What fun and joy! And I'm thrilled that Max gets a personal visit from Santa -- that's fantastic.

Vijay said...

loved the post. sounds like you guys had some fun memorable family time!