Sunday, December 2, 2012

Piano fingers...

When the neurosurgeon first met with us almost 9 years ago, he said "He won't have any quality of life having 200 seizures a day...this will be his chance to have some quality of life.  It will affect his ability to use both sides of his body equally, he may be weaker on his right side.  He won't play piano or anything, but he'll be alive."

With that, we took our chances and let them take out a portion of our 4 month old's brain.  To stop the seizures, and to give him a quality of life.  To keep him alive.

That's why I can't help but get teary every single time I see my guy with his beloved piano in music therapy.  He won't play piano...indeed he does.   That doctor couldn't know what all Max had in store for us.  No one could!  But, I love it when he surprises us every day, with the things we were told he wouldn't ever do.  Even at 9 years later.


Junior said...

Max you are an awesome piano player, I loved watching the videos of you playing.

CSIAmanda said...

awesome job Max. You made me smile and I so needed to smile right now.